Division: 62

1Sad/90.84 The Qur’an which is the owner of the reminder/honor is the evidence that, 3We manipulated, destroyed many generations before them. And they called out one another. But it was not the time to be saved. 2On the contrary, those infidels; who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb are in pride and dissension.85

4,5And they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves and those infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: “This is a magician, a person who lies excessively. Has he made all those  gods one god? This is truly an amazing thing!”

6,8And the chiefs among them walked forth: “Insist on your gods and do not turn away from your decision, word. This is truly what is expected from you. We have not heard this in the latest/another religion, this is only an invention. Has the Reminder/the Book been revealed upon him among us?” –Rather, they have insufficient knowledge about My reminder/the Qur’an, rather, they have not tasted My punishment yet.-

9,11Or, are the treasures of mercy of your Rabb Who is the almighty, Who bestows much with them? Or, does the dominion of the heavens/universe and the earth and all that is between belong to them? Then, let them, who are combinations of various groups and who are an army defeated, ascend with every way, try whatever they can!

12,13Before them, the people of Noah, Ad, Pharaoh, the owner of the stakes; who had glorious armies/who tortured as never seen before86, Thamud, the people of Lot and the companions of Thicket87 denied. Here they all are the groups that spearhead.

14All of them denied only the messengers. Therefore, My punishment was justified. 15And these wait for nothing but a single scream which has no delay, not even as long as the blink of an eye.

16And they said: “Our Rabb! Hasten our share for us of the punishment before the day of account!”

(38/38; Sad/1-16)

Division: 63

17Be patient over what they say and remember our servant David who was the possessor of strengths. Indeed, he was the one who turned to his Rabb frequently.

18Indeed, We created the mountains in a structure that will be used for the benefit of the people. They always purified Allah with him from deficiencies. 19And We created the birds in such structure so that David and the people might benefit. All of them were to turn to him. 20And We strengthened his kingdom. And We gave him the judgment and opportunity to say the word which separates the truth from falsehood.

21And have the news of those litigants come to you? When they climbed up to the private home of David.

22,23When they entered the presence of David, he was afraid of them. They said to him: “Do not fear! We are two litigants. One of us treated unjustly to the other. Now, judge between us with truth, do not treat us unjustly and guide us to the soundness of the righteous path”. One of them said: “This is my brother. He has ninety nine ewes and I have one ewe. Yet, he said “Give it to me too” and he overpowered me in speech/defeated me in dispute.”

24David said: “He has truly treated you unjustly in demanding to add your ewe to his ewes. Indeed many partners, many of those who live in a community treat each other unjustly. However, those who believe and do amendatory deeds do not treat unjustly. But how few they are!” And David became certain and understood that We tested him with various adversities thus rendering him purified-clean/mature. He asked his Rabb for forgiveness immediately, fell in prostration while he is away from associating others with Allah and turned.

25So, We forgave this for him/forgave him. Thus it is! And indeed there is a closeness and a good place of return for him with Us.

26O David! Indeed We/we have made you governor after the former governor in this land. Then, establish justice among the people with the truth, prevent injustice and chaos. Do not follow desire. Then, it will lead you astray from the path of Allah. Indeed those who go astray from the path of Allah; severe punishment is for them for they do not care about the day of account.

30We bestowed Solomon to David. How excellent servant he was! Indeed, he was the one who turned to his Rabb frequently.

31When he was presented full-blood and ambling horses in the evening; and he said; “32I love the love of wealth, property, benefits for the remembrance of my Rabb.” –At the end, they went behind the curtain.- He said: “33Bring them back to me!”. Then, he started to stroke their legs, necks.

34,35Indeed, We purified/matured Solomon through various adversities, distresses. And We left a corpse on his throne. Then he turned; “O my Rabb! Protect me/keep me free from material and spiritual stain and bestow/grant me a kingdom that would not belong to anyone else after me! Indeed, You are the One Who grants/bestows much”.

36,38Then, We gave the wind that gently flowed by his command wherever he wanted, devils; all divers and master builders and the others who were chained to his service.

39This is Our gift which is not accounted. Now, if you wish, give to others or withhold without giving .-

40Indeed, there is a closeness and a good place of return for him with Us.

41Remember Our servant Job! Once he called his Rabb: “Satan has touched me with agony, misery and distress.”

-“42Go away from there now, fast and on foot! Here, a place to bathe, cold drink!”-

43And We granted him his family and the like of those who were with them as a mercy from Us and as a reminder for those who have capability of understanding.

44And take a handful of grass, mint and basilica enough for your capital/spice-seller, set out to seek provision with it and do not be irresolute, do not go astray from the truth, do not commit sin.” Truly, We found him patient. How an excellent servant he was! Indeed, he was the one who turned to his Rabb frequently.

45Remember Our servants Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, possessors of strength and foresight!

46Surely, We purified them, made them pure with a purity of “patriotism/a longing for a free nation”. 46And indeed, they are among the chosen and the best with Us. 48And remember Ismael, Elisha and Dhul-Kifl [Ezekiel?]. They all are among the best.

(38/38; Sad/17-26, 30-48)

Division: 64

27And We did not form the heavens/universe, the earth and that is between them without a purpose. That is the assumption of the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb. Woe to those infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb because of the fire of Jahannah [Hell]!

28Or, do We make those who believe and do righteous deeds like those corrupters in the world? Or, do We make those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah like those who stuck in evil by disbelieving in religion-faith?

29This is a blessed book which We have sent down to you so that those who have pure mind may think on its Ayat by reading/putting them in the order of revelation and may be reminded.88

49,52This is an honor/a reminder. Indeed, for those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah is a good place of return; gardens of Eden gates of which are open to them, wherein they recline and demand many fruits and drinks and with them are servants of same age and whose eyes see none except those before them.

53This is what you are promised for the day of account. 54Indeed, this is Our provision; there is no depletion for it.-

55,56Here! Indeed, for the transgressors is the worst place of return; Jahannah [Hell] in which they will burn. –How an evil bed it is!-57 It is scalding water and purulence. So let them taste it!

58And there are others of its type, in doubles. 59Here they are another group, rushing in as if they were thrown. No welcomes for them. Surely, they will be thrown into Jahannah [Hell].

60They will say: “No, no welcome for you. It is you who have brought Jahannah [Hell] before us. What an evil settlement it is!”

61They will say: “Our Rabb, whoever brought this before us, increase his punishment in the fire more and more!”

62And they will also say: “Why can not we see those men whom we assumed that they were among the evil? 63We ridiculed/scorned them. Or, have eyes turned away from them?”

64Indeed, this quarreling/dispute of the people of the fire is truth.

(38/38; Sad/27-29, 49-64)

Division: 65

65,66Say:  “I am only a warner. And there is no deity except Allah Who is the One and the Only, the prevailing, Rabb of the heavens/universe, the earth and all that is between, very powerful, very forgiving.”

67Say: “It; the Qur’an is great, important news. 68And you turn away from it. 69When they were disputing one another, I had no information concerning the Qur’an89; which is “full of the most exalted”. 70It is revealed to me because I, yes I, am only an explicit warner.”

(38/38; Sad/65-70)

Division: 66

71,72When your Rabb once said to the forces in the universe,90 ”Indeed, I am going to form a human from clay. Submit to him right away when I have proportioned him and given him knowledge91”.

73,74“Hereupon, all the forces in the universe submitted all together except Iblis/thinking ability92. Iblis acted arrogantly and he was of the ignorant.”

75Allah said: “O Iblis! What did prevent you from submitting to what I formed with my two hands/potency? Have you been arrogant? Or have you been among the haughty?

76And Iblis said: “I am better than him. You formed me of energy but You formed him of substance.93

77,78Allah said: “Then, get out of there, now you are expelled/you are the one who is killer, who produces untrue word and thought, who throws stones into darkness. “Indeed, it is upon you that I will keep away from the good till the day of recompense”.

79Iblis said: “My Rabb! Then, give me respite until the day they will be resurrected”.

80,81Allah said: “Then, you are of those who are given respite until a certain time”.

82,83Iblis said: “Then I swear by that You are the most exalted, the most powerful, the most honorable, the invincible; the subduer that, I will make all of them transgress – except for Your purified servants among them –“.

84Allah said: “This is the truth. And the truth I say: “85I will definitely fill Jahannah [Hell] of you and those of them who follow you; all of you”.

(38/38; Sad/71-85)

Division: 67

86Say: “I do not ask you any payment for the Qur’an. And I am not of those who bring liabilities/who invent something by themselves, who bring burden, who bring trouble. 87The Qur’an is only a reminder for the mankind. 88And you will definitely know the information of it after a time”.

(38/38; Sad/86-88)