Division: 37

1Every descending of the Ayat which have descended group by group is the evidence that, 2your companion has neither gone astray nor has he transgressed. 3And he does not speak of his vain, transitory desire. 4What he says to you; those groups of Ayat that have descended, are nothing but the revelations which have been revealed to him. 5The One Who has mighty powers, Who is supreme in intelligence, Who has established the dominion52 has taught to your companion what he says.

6,7And the One Who has mighty powers, Who is supreme in intelligence, Who has established the dominion is the owner of the highest horizon. 8,9Then, He; the One Who has mighty powers, Who is supreme in intelligence, Who has established the dominion approached to inform him, to train him, to protect him and for the good of the people, then group by group revelations descended at once one after another. First, He was at a distance of two bows53, then He was closer. 10He; the One Who has mighty powers, Who is supreme in intelligence, Who has established the dominion and Who is the owner of the highest horizon then revealed to His servant what He revealed 14by the last cherry tree – next to it there is a resting place worth stopping by-.54 16At that time, the cherry tree was covered by what covered it. 11The mind of the servant did not deny what he saw. 12Do you doubt about that which he saw?/Do you dispute with him about that which he saw?

13Indeed, he saw it in another descend. 17The sight did not swerve nor did it transgress. 18Surely, He saw the greatest of the evidences/signs of His Rabb.

15,21The condition of those who hide, flee for not listening to the Qur’an, concealing the truth-departure of ignorance, arrival of enlightenment-ability to distinguish between good and evil is the evidence that, indeed this is the word of a noble messenger who is held in honor before the powerful, the owner of the greatest throne and obeyed, trusted. 22Your companion is not one who is supported by secret forces/who is mad. 23Indeed, he saw that which he saw while he was very sound and right minded. His mind did not deny, his sight did not swerve not did it transgress. 24And he is not withholder concerning the revelations given to him which nobody sees, hears, feels. 25And this is not the word that his thinking ability produced.

(23/53, An-Najm/1-18, At-Takwir/15-25)

Division: 38

19,20Despite this, have you ever thought about Lat and Uzza, the third, Manat?55

21Is the male for you and for Allah the female? 22That will be a deficient/unjust division if it is like this. 23These are nothing but names which you and your ancestors gave even thought Allah did not send down any evidence about them. Surely, they only follow assumption and also that which their selves desire even though the guidance of the righteous path has come to them from their Rabb.

24Or is there for man whatever he misses and dreams? 25Akhirat [Afterlife] and the earth belong to Allah. 26There are many angels56 in the heavens/universe whose help, intercession57 will not avail at all except when Allah permits for whomever He wills and He is pleased with. 27Those who disbelieve in Akhirat [Afterlife] name the angels female names. 28Yet, they do not have any knowledge about this matter. They only follow assumption. And assumption does not avail against the “truth” at all.

(23/53, An-Najm/19-28)

Division: 39

29Keep your distance from whoever turns away from Our reminder/the Qur’an and desires nothing except simple worldly life. 30That is what they will reach of the knowledge. Indeed, your Rabb is the One Who knows better than anyone else the one who has gone astray from His path, is the One Who knows better than anyone else who follows the righteous path he is guided.

(23/53, An-Najm/29-30)

Division: 40

31,32Whatever is in heavens/universe and whatever is on the earth belongs to Allah so that He may recompense those who do evil with what they have done, He may reward those who do good; – except for some minor glitches – those who avoid of the major sins and immoralities with “the best”. Indeed, your Rabb is the One Whose forgiveness is vast. He is the One Who knows you best when He formed you from the earth and when you were fetuses in the womb of your mothers. Then, do not claim yourselves to be pure. He knows better who has entered under the guardianship of Allah.

33So, have you seen/ever thought about the one who turned away? 34He gave a little and withheld stubbornly. 35Is the knowledge of the past and the future with him, so he sees it? 36Or has he not been informed of what was in the scriptures of Moses? 37And of the scriptures of loyal Abraham; “38The truth is, no sinner bears the sin of another sinner. 39The truth is, there is nothing for man except what he strives for. 40And his striving will soon be seen. 41Then his recompense will be given to him in full. 42No doubt that final destination is only to your Rabb. 43No doubt that He is the One Who makes laugh and weep… 44No doubt that He is the One Who takes life and gives life… 45,46No doubt that when Allah puts creation in plan, it is He Who forms the two mates; male and female from a drop of semen/sperm. 47No doubt that other creation is only His work. 48No doubt that He is the One Who grants prosperity and gives blessings in abundance. 49No doubt that He is Rabb of knowledge, conscience.”

(23/53, An-Najm/31-49)

Division: 41

50No doubt that your Rabb manipulated, destroyed the Ad that came before. 51And Thamud as well. So, He left nothing. 52And before that, the people of Noah. Certainly they, yes they, were the ones who did more wrong and were more transgressing than others by accepting that Allah has partners. 53And the overturned cities, it is He Who overthrew them. 54So covered there which covered. 55Then, which of what your Rabb is capable of; His unique power, unequalled blessings you dispute about?

56What is explained in the Qur’an is a warner like the former warners.

57What is to approach; the Qiyamat [Resurrection], the death has approached. 58There is no one from among those that are inferior to Allah to remove/prevent it.

59So, now, at this word do you wonder? 60And you laugh, you do not weep. 61And you are the ones who do not use their reason properly.

62Then, submit to Allah and worship!58

(23/53, An-Najm/50-62)