Division: 373

1-5When the heavens/universe split asunder, when the stars fall and scatter, when the seas are split and erupted, when the graves are scattered; one will know that which he has sent forth before him and that which he has left behind.

(82/82; Al-Infitar/1-5)

Division: 374

6-8O mankind! What is it that deceives you concerning your Rabb, the most gracious, Who formed you, then proportioned you in a certain proportion, then balanced you, assembled you in whatever form He willed?

9-12Certainly not as you think! You deny the Religion although there are surely noble writers upon you which memorize that which you do.

13Surely, “the righteous people” will be in Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] of abundant blessings, happiness.

14-16And those who have stuck in evil by disbelieving in religion/faith; they will definitely be in Jahannah [Hell]. On the Day of Religion, they will enter into Jahannah [Hell] as the ones who will never be absent from Jahannah [Hell].

17What has made you know what the Day of Religion is? 18Then again, what has made you know what the Day of Religion is? 19On the Day of Religion, no one will have power above another. And on that day; Al-Inshiqaq/1-5 when the heavens/universe has split asunder, when it has listened to its Rabb and it has been fulfilled; when the earth has been flattened out, has thrown out that which is within it, become empty and when it has listened to its Rabb and it has been fulfilled, 19the judgment belongs to Allah.

6O man! Surely, you are the one who runs in haste towards his Rabb. And you will eventually meet Him.

7-9And as for the one who is given his book in his right hand; he will be judged with an easy account and he will return to those close to him happily.

10-14And as for the one who is given his book from his back; he will call for the death and enter into the blazing fire. He surely was happy among those close to him. Indeed he was sure that he would never return.

15No, surely his Rabb was the One Who was seeing him very well.

16-19Therefore, the changes that you see, know in the universe [dawn, the night and the events that you may observe with those] are evidences that you will definitely experience one state after another [you will constantly change in state but never perish].

20,21Then, what is the matter with them? They do not believe and when the Qur’an is recited to them, they do not submit/become convinced?

22Rather, the infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb deny.

23But Allah is the One Who knows best what they hide within themselves.

24Then give them tidings of a painful punishment.

25Except those who have believed and do amendatory deeds; there will be a never ending reward for them.

  (82/82; Al-Infitar/6-19 + 83-84; Al-Inshiqaq/1-25)