Division: 42

1,2The messenger frowned and turned away because that blind man came to him.

3,4How can you know, perhaps he will be purified, he may be reminded and that reminder would benefit him.

5-7And as for the one who sees himself free of need; you give attention to him even though there is no responsibility on you if he is not purified. 8-10But! As for the one who comes to you striving, fearing in awe with knowledge, love, respect; you go away from him easily assuming that what you do is better.-

(24/80, ‘Abasa/1-10)

Division: 43

11-16Certainly not as they think! The Qur’an is what makes think, within valuable scriptures, exalted, purified, honored, in the hands of good writers. Whoever wills may think about it and remember.

(24/80, ‘Abasa/11-16)

Division: 44

17Cursed is that human being! How strange is that he became an infidel; the one who consciously denies the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb!

18From what thing did Allah form him? 19A sperm! Allah formed and then proportioned, 20then He eased the righteous path for him by sending him a messenger, sending down a book while he was alive, 21then He took his life, made him to be put in his grave, 22then He will resurrect him when He wills.

23Certainly not as he thinks! Man has not accomplished yet at all what Allah commanded to him.

24Then, let man look at his own food!

25We poured water in abundance. 26Then We broke open the earth, splitting.

27,32Thus We made grow on the earth grains/cereals, grapes, cloves, olives, dates, gardens with dense grass and trees, fruits and meadows as a livelihood for you and your livestock.

33-36Then, when there comes the horrifying blast of what clashes hard; it is such a day that, man will flee from his brother, his mother, his father, his spouse and his sons.

37That day, there will be a matter which will keep everyone of them occupied.

38,39That day, there will be some faces that will be bright; smiling, rejoicing.

40,41And that day, there will be some faces that will have dust-soil on them; and a soot will cover dust-soil. 42And these, yes these are the ones who disbelieve; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb, who stuck in evil by disbelieving in religion-faith. 

(24/80, ‘Abasa/17-42)