Dear Sir/Madam

Dear Mr./Mrs./Mss.

God created human beings, and did not let them to be alone and idle. God also taught to the human beings how to live a meaningful life by the holy books sent.

In fact, all the principles of God told by prophets Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, David, Abraham are all the same. Human beings distorted these books according to their self-benefit. However, they could not distort the holy Quran, but some of them make the public leave the messages of Quran and others skew the meanings of the messages of Quran.

In Quran, there is always a solution to the social and psychological problems of human beings.

Would you like to meet with Quran?

“People should not think that God created them without a purpose and also should not think that they will not be returned only to God”

Dear Sir/Madam,

Have you ever heard about Pascal’s “Theory of Expected Values”? What do you think about this theory?

“O people!

Doomsday and death are surely coming. We should not to be deceived by humble worldly life. We should not say “we believed” at the point of death, like pharaoh. To believe at the sight of the hardest does not work/save. Believing already, Let’s enter under protection of our Lord Allah as being Muslim. After we died, asset, property, child, spouse, authority and dignity is not going to help us.”

My Worthy Friends,

Selamünaleyküm!(Peace be with you)

You are the happy ones who have come to America from different countries and are struggling to practise your religion here.Besides, you have constituted very beautiful centers of gathering and getting acquainted. I congratulate you. I hope you are also conscious of the social reflections of your personal behaviours.

You have named your meeting places as Islamic Centers. You have hung a hadith by Buhari which is about the construction of masjid in the middle of these centers. This circumstance indicates the necessity of questioning your real self.

Isn’t there an ayah which will substitute for those nice narrations in Buhari’s?

Is the religion we try to practise the real Islam Religion whose limits were determined in Quran?Is it a behaviour which is formed by imams or sheiks? Or is it a behaviour the application of which imams and sheiks make prevalent?

Is it possible for  a person( Jew, Christian, Mormon, atheist) to adopt Islam religion if we tell the things we know and practise as religion?

To what extent do our friends in Islamic centers know Quran?
Isn’t it possible to introduce Quran to the ones who aren’t Muslims and to enable them to be Muslims?
Can’t Allah be introduced properly to the ones who attribute a partner to Allah in the countries where you live?That is to say, can’t Tesbih  be performed?(Tesbih: to remember to praise the great attribute of Allah,  to exclude Allah from shortcomings)
What do sajdah and masjid exactly mean ?
I hope we all will find the answers of all these questions and struggle for the sake of God.There is no doubt that Allah is with muhsin.( the one who makes something right and the one who makes something beautiful)

Your Brother Hakkı YILMAZ


Allah set the rules that sustain the social order of public. The most powerful opponents to these rules which are to the benefits of humanity, are the ones who prevents goodness, commits crimes and supports committing crimes and has power in terms of wealth.

The principles that make the humanity to reach safety are already present in Quran. Would you like to meet these principles?


All the common principles that humanity accept in terms of human rights in modern-days are already stated in all holy books that Allah sent. The principles that will ensure the peace of humanity are presented in Quran which is given to prophet Mohammed.


Do you know this?

The tales in Torah and Bible which are sent to prophets Moses and Jesus are also exist in Quran which is sent to prophet Mohammed. You can also learn the struggle of all these prophets between right and superstitious from the tales in Quran.


What is devil and demon? Is it visible? Can it harm humans? Can a human protects himself/herself from these? If they were to harm humans, does this suit with the Allah’s great justice?

What is angel? What kind of a creature are they? Are they visible? Answers of all these questions are given in Quran.


Allah created humans and gave them life and food. Allah is going to resurrect humans after their death. Then, Allah is going to judge humans based on their behaviors in life and as a result, punish or reward them. So what are these reward and punishment places which are called as Hell and Heaven? Where are these places? How long will people stay at these places? Would you like to learn all the answers of these questions from Quran?

Allah explains the situation of societies that deal with depression, cruelty, sedition, injustice and these kind of negativeness, which is in fact due to their faults, with the principle of “Allah pours on dirt to the ones who do not use their wisdom”.
The priciples needed to survive the societies from the darkness that they fall in are elaborately explained in Quran.

The perfect order in universe, creation of sky and land, consecutive cycle of night and day, verses inside and outside of human and diversity of languages and colors of humans are all proof of existence of God. Our eyes cannot able to see Allah, but Allah sees everything.

Allah introduces Himself perfectly in Holy Quran. Would you like to know Allah as introduced in Quran?

“Allah (God) created human with a beautiful appearance, He taught him good/right and bad/wrong paths. He invited human to the truth by prophets and books what He sent. That is human’s part to walk on the right path which Allah (God) called him without allowing himself to enter command of his mind, desires. Because, the laws set by Allah (God) leads humans to peace and welfare in their lives.


“Allah (God) who created universe, human and presented us it to utilize declared He did not create all these in vain. Wonder, what do our Lord want from us, humans? Why was human created? Why is he going to get resurrected back? And why is he going to be queried because of blessings that given? Answers of all these questions are in the Qur’an.”


“Allah (God) who sent down the Psalter, the Torah and the Bible but also sent down the Qur’an to Prophet Mohammed. You can contact us if you have anything you want to learn about the Qur’an.”


“Allah (God) declared principles of social and financial support that is to improve the communities in the books what He sent. As long as Humanity moves away from these principles, falls into depression. Difference between top and bottom layer of the community is growing. Wounds of the community can be relieved by only supporters who believe in Allah (God), avoid frills and are sincere. All these recipes for salvation are in the Qur’an and waiting for their acceptors.”


“Allah (God) would that is served only to Him, apologized and wished forgiveness from Him in books what He sent. Our Creator does not designate clergy. Therefore, He did not confirm such an intercessor. He would that we directly and only turn towards and call help from Himself. That’s the real salvation it is.”


“Would you like to read the stories of Jesus and Mary from the Qur’an?”


“Would you like to read the story of Moses from the Qur’an?”


“Do know that the pages what were sent down to Abraham and Moses is also including the real that the person who purifies himself and is in support of financial and mental aspects will come to an eternal happiness?”

 “The Qur’an what Allah (God) sent it to all humans; heralded that it is mercy and guide for those who believe in The Hereafter certainly, those who is in support of financial and social aspects and those who is muhsin (beneficent) / making goodness and beauty. The Qur’an is calling you to be muhsin who is heralded.”

“There are unchangeable laws of Allah (God) in order to dominate peace on earth. Apart from these, it comes through development, protecting of all sections of society, supporting of the needy people through social security institutions. Communities shall meet social justice and peace according to the law of Allah (God) in the case of implementing of these principles in question through faith in the Hereafter.”

“If you want to meet, The Qur’an includes these principles of Allah (God).”


 “Isn’t there any salvation for those who is perpetrator, commits a sin, flaw? Which sins does Allah forgive? What should people do in order to get free from their sins? The Qur’an answers all these questions.”


 “Our Lord is making fascinating character analysis of humans in The Qur’an what he sent down.  He teaches us His servants’ good-bad character and behaviors. Would you like to meet The Qur’an what is guiding us in our struggle against evil.”  


“The results of the attitude and behaviors which was banned according to the books what our Creator sent down lead to persecution, disruption the social justice. Ours part is that we should learn condemned attitude and behaviors very well and protect ourselves from these. The best way of this is to read The Qur’an.”


“Those who believe in more than the one God (Allah) confirm that He is the Creator of the universe; but they do not confirm that He is The Lord (who disciplines and educates, leads His creatures to a number of specific objectives in accordance with a program, manages the development program) of earth and sky. According to them, Allah created the universe and broke off relations with it; he interferes neither the universe nor lives of the people. But, this idea does not receive approval in The Holy Qur’an book of Allah; because, Allah did not delegate His Lordship authority to anyone.  There is no partner in His estate. He is creating at any time; He meets the needs of those who He created all the time. Our Lord has taught His servants good/right and bad/wrong paths. The owner of the day of reckoning is Allah to see who is doing more good deeds.”


“Good and bad deeds which is performed in worldly life shall be repaid in The Hereafter. It is clearly stated in The Qur’an that everyone shall receive their reward without the slightest injustice according to the justice of our Lord. There is no basis for those who deny the Hereafter. Objection of those who is in an effort to protect their positions does not change the result.”

“Persecutors can die without penalty of deeds they performed in this world. At the same time, do deeds of those who makes goodness come to naught?  This is not worthy of Allah’s justice. Therefore the day of reckoning will certainly occur. Our Lord declared this truth to all people in the Qur’an.”


 “The verses of the Qur’an is dynamic, every verses certainly have a place in the life. They were sent down by Allah to solve human’s problems. It has certainly answered in detail all questions which had been asked since the period it were sent down. Because of the Qur’an is a message over the ages, it will guide humans and solve their problems up to the Doomsday.

“Would you like to meet the verses of the Qur’an which are clear, understandable, consistent, lead humans from darkness to the light and get them to the right path?”


 “Race to the multitude, derive pleasure to collect, make a fortune more than enough disrupt the social balance. If these are analyzed in a sincere and scientific manner, it will be found that these all mentioned turn our lives to Hell reveal pain, state of disorder and screams. By doing so, we see that we have drawn hell with our own hands for ourselves, our families, country and the world. This is because race to the multitude. The cure for all these is in the Qur’an the last book which Allah sent it down to humans.”


 “Our Lord gave us life and blessings, everything necessary to live. We servants need to thank our Creator. It is done by “sukur”, returning the favor. Sukur to the Creator; is achieved through meet the needs of the needy with all kinds of blessings, goods, fortunes and knowledge which are given to us. If we do not do this, both we show ingratitude to the blessings which Allah gave us and all these collecting, race to amass wealth, always profit, always gain disrupt the social balance and lead human to the fire.”


“If the rich get caught in the ambition to gain more, the life of innocent and sinless people made a living Hell by being exploited, left helpless and crushed. Therefore, it has appeared that it had been necessary to sukur to Allah for ensuring the social balance.”


 “How does iblis (devil) make community become ungrateful? It recommends and praises unjustified benefit. It scares human with remain poor. It makes humans suspicious by causing them anxiety, thus it prevents them from doing goodness. It commands and glorifies human to change creatures of Allah. It indulges humans with their works they performed. It restrains human from remember of Allah, in other words restrains human from social and financial support. All these cause community to become ungrateful. Goodness decrease in community, social balance is disrupted. All these are censured, damned and forbidden by our supreme Lord. We should follow orders of Allah to secure both ourselves and our community. Therefore, we invite you to read the Qur’an.”


“Without exception every humans turns towards his Lord, prays to Him when a nuisance has come. Then He puts this nuisance away some of the humans forget these. He attributes a partner to God. All these are reality of the life. These facts are experienced by anyone at any time. All we need is that we should pray to our Lord, praise Him at any time not only when we are in trouble.”


 “The most beautiful names belong to Allah. The Qur’an is waiting for you to learn all our Lord’s names and adjectives to pray to Him with these names.”


“Who denies prophets is generally rich notables that do not want to be disturbed system of exploitation. All the time it did come to this in the history of religions and religions, notables deny the prophets. Deterioration of society is prevented by only the book which Allah sent down. The aim of what Allah sent prophets is to save society from deterioration, to correct.”


 “Blessings given by Allah to humans are varied. Some people have limited ones and others have a plenty of them. Abundance and poverty are in the making with will of Allah. There is no question whether He loves some or not. Our lives are a test and we are accountable as much as blessings given to us. What make us closer to Allah is not wealth, goods, premises and power, is our corrective and remedial deeds/activities. The principles that help us to pass the test and make our lives happy and in peace are in the Qur’an, book of Allah.”


 “Those who struggle with the verses of Allah is doomed to be disappointed. Those who poison the life exploitatively, being spoilt, lead themselves and their followers to the fire/Hell. They were commanded to do just the opposite by Allah. He enacts law, arranges measures. Being in conflict with the principles of Allah brings pain and suffering. If you wonder these principles, you can find them only in the Qur’an.”