Chapter 8


  • Muslims’ state must send trainers and teachers to the places required for the enlightenment of public of the country, for them to become individuals, and to develop on social, political, military, and economic grounds
  • The administrators of the Muslims must eliminate the substructure deficiencies, provide the equipments completely, render the educations of all the individuals free-of-charge in accordance with the equality, and eradicate illiteracy. All the people, whether female or male, must be educated. Educations and trainings must be for the name of Allah. That is to say, they must be in the framework that will not damage humans and nature. Female and male, scientists must be trained in the manner that they will serve entire humanity, not just a group of people.

  • Teachings must be supported with the examples from the past and the present. When promoting Allah’s religion among the humans, a method must be followed in the manner that it would not create doubts, that is detailed, and that can be understood from humans of all walks of the society.
  • Self-seeking circles wish people to remain ignorant and they try to prevent those who struggle for the society’s enlightenment. This must be known well too. People must not submit to such persons in a society; they must certainly be excluded by fighting against them. For enlightenment, security of the officials must be ensured.

  • Those people who teach theology and who try to enlighten the society must not provide interests to themselves out of such assignments. Support of education must be institutionalized and those people who receive free-of-charge education must not be obliged toward some certain people.

  • Those people who provide education and assume the duty of enlightening a society must be patient and must not avoid carrying out his/her duty being exhausted of those people who claim opposite allegations.

  • Theology education must be provided in appropriate ambiances and times. At the places where noise and disorder is present and in the ambiances where education would be interrupted, the subject matter cannot be explained exactly and education activity cannot be conducted.

  • Those people who provide theology education must continue their activities without the disapproval of the condemnatory people, without being exhausted, and with perseverance.

  • Those people who are equipped to enlighten a society must not close themselves in their houses and, by making a good plan and by determining the most appropriate times and ambiances, in which they could be useful, they must carry out their duty of enlightenment. Those people who are to enlighten a society must make use of the support of scientists and academic personnel when they are providing their education.

  • Those people who are equipped to enlighten a society must not taint their personality, must maintain it straightforward, must stay away from doubtful things, must send away filth forthwith, must not underline the favors they have done, and must always be patients.

  • Patients, travelling people, tradesmen, sellers, agriculturists, and soldiers must make use of the education and training activities in the manner that they will not interrupt their works and that priority will be given the subjects that concern themselves.

  • Those people who have the capacity to enlighten the society must start acting forthwith. They must not ignore this.

  • The target of education and training must be that humanity finds the truth and, with the education and training, humans must be provided the consciousness of protecting the balance in nature and not to be the servant of object and other servants.

  • Since, on the Qiyamat [Resurrection], humans will be asked regarding those who will be made whine in agony by not providing them with their rights in the society: “For what sin are they killed/their lives ruined?,” it is necessary to train girls and orphans well, bring them in the society as prestigious individuals, inaugurate the required education- training institutions and businesses and everyone must be rendered happy and prosperous without being the servants of servants.

  • Society leaders must take precautions in the manner that they will safeguard all the rights of the individuals and especially they must not make the same mistakes of the past by utilizing every means for their education.

  • School, family ambiance and environment affect the human behaviors. The generation must be trained well in order to be happy in both the world and the Akhirat [Afterlife] and provided with the merits that will ensure them to surrender under the guardianship of Allah. New generations that will continue the future of societies must be trained in line with nature of their creation

  • In a society, orphans and outcasts must be grown up well and it must be ensured that everyone provides his/her sustenance by giving them employment.

  • Belief of the Akhirat [Afterlife] must be strengthened among humans. It is because the persons who do not believe in the Akhirat [Afterlife], in the fact that they will be accountable after their death, push orphans about, not think about the jobless and the poor, and are callous about the social problems. They look to be supporting as a show. They prevent the reach of even the smallest aid to the poor. Shame on them…

  • Knowledge must not be given to those in the superior positions but to those who are willing and interested even if they are blind, lame or poor. Enlightenment and advice provide the people who seek for and want them. Therefore,   the people willing in this must be prioritized whoever he/she is in order not to pose the loss of time, labor, and source.

  • The Qur’an, the best book of admonition, must be learned well and the required advices must be taken.

  • A person must learn well how Allah created him/her starting from sperm until formation and biology and embryology. Muslim scientists must work on the creation-related fields more that the other scientists because many messages in terms of embryo, biology, and creation are given in the Qur’an.

  • Those people who struggle for the truth must be patient about the words of their opponents and they must keep exonerating Rabb together with praises to him in every opportunity.

  • Humans may be unsuccessful in their lives like Prophets David, Solomon, Job, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob for the reasons like making wrong mistakes, betrayal of the surrounding people or being driven into badness or illnesses or natural disasters; there could be ups and downs in their lives. If a person becomes patient and ambitious, he/she has better opportunities than those of the past.

  • Learning of the true religion must be free-of-charge. Teaching of religion must not be rendered a burden to the public.

  • Persons with reason and conscience and wise men must not be unconcerned. They must respond to those who say, “Why do you give admonition to a people that will be devastated or severely punished by Allah?” as: “As an excuse against your Rabb so they surrender themselves under the guardianship of Allah.”

  • Schools must only be oriented to examine, observe, and scrutinize Allah’s Ayat. No objective must be set to anything other than Allah.

  • The Prophet has been sent down only as the bringer of good tidings and a warner.

  • Those people who continue the mission of the Prophet do not demand any fee from humans in return of the works they do. They always want people who only wish to maintain a way toward their Rabb and become believers at all times to come to life and surrender under the guardianship of Allah.

  • The unknown things must be asked to those who know about them and learned.

  • According to the geographical and social conditions of a region, the times that are most suitable for education and training must be determined and education and training must be provided at times during which the utmost productivity can be obtained.

  • Trainers and teachers must prepare themselves for their tasks well and come before their students having well prepared.

  • Training and teaching must be given in the appropriate times of the day and enlightenment of the society must be ensured.

The information Allah gives in the Qur’an is a declaration. Then, no one but those leave the righteous path will be manipulated/destroyed.

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