Chapter 2

The Prophet; MOHAMMED As.

  • Mohammed, the son of Abdullah of Mecca, was a person who was not interested in religion and scripture before he was given the task as a messenger. Allah chose him and made him messenger for Himself and he became a wise and qualified person.

  • By the Grace of his Rabb, the Prophet was not a majnun [possessed by secret forces/madman]. Indeed he was upon endless rewards, for which he was not grateful, not under a debt of gratitude. And indeed he was blessed with a great moral character. All the contemporary people were witnesses for this. They mythologized him because of his qualifications.

  • Allah’s messenger Mohammed did not have any knowledge accumulation before in terms of the scripture, the Qur’an, religion, and belief before he was chosen as a Prophet.

  • Allah assured him that He would not abandon him and take offence, and He would please him.

  • The Prophet had been an orphan and he was provided accommodation; he was a person who had been outside the righteous path and then guided toward the righteous path; he had obliged to provide subsistence to his family and then he was made rich.

  • The Prophet reached the guided direct path thanks to the Qur’an revealed to him.

  • His chest was opened for him. His heavy burden was eased. – which this burden was breaking his back – His reputation was raised high.

  • He was bestowed Kevser (material and spiritual abundance) and plenty of blessings.

  • Allah stated in the Torah and the Bible that His messenger Mohammed would arrive. The people mastered in the scripture keep seeing this reality in the books in their hands.

  • The people who believe in, show a sturdy respect to, and help him and follow the light that was sent down along with him will rescue themselves.

  • Allah’s messengers Mohammed is the messenger sent by Allah, the Owner of the Heavens and the Earth, the Only Supreme God, the One Who Resurrects and the One Who Kills, to all. Then, they must believe in and obey His Messenger, who believes in Allah and His words to guide them to the righteous path, the Illiterate; the Prophet from the Metropolis; from Mecca.”

  • In Allah’s messenger Mohammed, there is no madness/effect of gins. He is just an obvious warner.

  • The fathers of the Meccans were not warned prior to descent of the Qur’an and, thus, it was a callous society.

  • The Qur’an that contains laws/whose deterioration was prevented is the evidence of Mohammed’s task as a messenger.

  • Some of the people throw themselves exhibiting their jealousy and saying “Allah did a favor to him among us?” (He made Mohammed but none else a prophet?) But Allah knows those who repay the blessings bestowed to them better and increases these blessings accordingly.

  • The Prophet was on a right path in his duty as a messenger.

  • The blasphemers; those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb as they against their own interests said: “You are not the messenger.” They were answered, “Allah and the one who has the knowledge of the Scripture are sufficient as witness between you and me.”

  • And those deniers said: “What kind of messenger he is that he eats, walks in the streets? Why has not an angel been sent down to him? Thus he would have a Warner beside him! Or why has not a treasure been sent down to him or a garden been given to him to eat from?” Those who associated Allah with others; who did deeds against their own benefit said: “You only follow a possessed one.”

  • They talked nonsense. They are complete transgressors and will not be men and come to the righteous path. However, so Generous is Allah that if He wished He could have given the prophet all that is better than the treasury and the garden they are bragging about; He could have given him Jannah [Heaven/Paradise], under which rivers flow; He could have built palaces for him. Prior to the last prophet, only the messengers who certainly ate meals and go about the marketplaces were sent.

  • Messenger Mohammed did not expect that the Scripture would be revealed /sent down to him. It was given only as a grace from his Rabb.

  • The Prophet was not sent to humans as a vaqil [a person who makes arrangements according to a program and implements that program by safekeeping and supporting it].

  • Deniers, say: “We will not believe you unless you cause a spring to gush out from the ground. Or you must have a garden with dates and grapes. You must cause rivers flow among them. Or you must make the Heavens fall upon us in pieces or bring Allah and angels before us. Or you must have a house ornamented with gold or you must levitate up to the Heavens. But we will never believe that you levitate until you send down a scripture which we recite and teach.” Then say: “Exonerated is your Rabb from all deficiencies. I am nothing but a man, a messenger!”

  • Surely, Allah has made him a messenger to be a witness, a harbinger of good tidings and a warner so they may believe in Allah and His Messenger, help Him, show respect to Him and exonerate Him from all deficiencies;

So He may admit believing men and women into the gardens of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise], underneath of which rivers flow, to abide therein eternally and He may forgive their sins –this is a great salvation before Allah-;

And He may punish those infidel men and women who invent evil assumptions about Him, those men and women who associate others with Him –Evil be upon them. Allah has punished and cursed them.

  • When the guidance/the Qur’an arrives to mankind, only saying, “Has Allah sent a human as His messenger?” prevents them from believing. That is to say, they assert that a superhuman must be a messenger. However: “If there were angels walking on earth in peace, Allah would certainly have sent them down from the Heavens as messengers.”

  • Allah sent a mature person as a messenger to warn the people and give the believers the good tidings that they shall surely have a happy life [qadama sidq] with their Rabb.

  • Allah’s sending of a messenger is found eerie by some people.

  • The Prophet tended to abandon some of those that have been revealed to him and felt strained in his breast because the deniers said: “Why is not a treasure sent down for him or why does an angel not descend?” And Allah consoled him saying, “You are only a messenger. Allah is the One Who governs all pursuant to a schedule and maintains, sustains and implements that schedule.”

  • The Messenger did not tell “the treasures of Allah are with me. I do not know the unseen, the unheard, the past and the future. And I do not tell that ‘I am an angel’ either. He only fulfilled what he has been revealed.”

  • Our Prophet is upon clear evidence from his Rabb. But no one must deny that evidence. That which what is wanted to come quickly is not by his side; the judgment belongs only to Allah, He is the One Who tells/fulfills the truth and He is the Best of judges.

  • Had that which what is wanted to come quickly was by his side, the affair in between would have already been fulfilled. And Allah knows the best those who do wrong; those who act against their own good. A key to the unseen, the unheard, the past and the future is only with Him. No one but Him knows about them. He also knows what is on the Land and in the Seas. Without His consent not even a leaf would fall. No grain and nothing, dry or wet, which lie within the darkness of the land, is not mentioned within the Scripture.

  • Lies, inaccurate beliefs, and wrongdoings are conducted to receive a benefit in the world. But there is death and the return will be to Allah. Later on, these wrongdoers will taste that arduous wrath because of the things that they did not accept even though they have come to know it.

  • The things experienced by Noah, Musa, and Kharun; their communiqués, their warnings to their societies, and their confrontation, and the way with which the outcomes of these societies must be remembered and taken as example.

  • Allah brings empty and untrue allegations to the surface.

  • Allah does not correct the job of people engaged in creating disorder.

  • And Allah expresses the truth with His own words (through the Torah sent to Musa and the Qur’an sent to Mohammed) and implements it even though sinners do not like it.”

  • Messengers from among mankind have come overtly or covertly to warn humans of the present and future telling about Allah’s verses and warning that they are to give their accounts to Allah in the Akhirat [Afterlife].

  • Allah’s reason for sending a messenger is because of the principle of “He does not unjustly manipulate/destroy nations when they are not aware, when they do not have the knowledge.”

  • The messenger was sent to entire humanity as a harbinger of good tidings and warning advisory, but most of humans do not know this.

  • Prior to Prophet Mohammed, many messengers had been sent. Some of them were told to people and some of them were not.

  • Messenger is only a human like everyone. He was revealed that ‘human’s deity is the only deity.’

  • Allah did not tell anything to His messenger Mohammed, different from the things told to the earlier messengers.

  • Surely, Messenger Mohammed acted as a guide on a righteous path, the path to Allah for those who are present in the Heavens and on the Earth and for himself.

  • In the Qur’an, the Prophet is introduced as Dhul Qarnayn (possessor of two horns / two ages).The fact that Muhammad owned two ages can be understood as follows: The reason may be that his emigration from Mecca to Medina was accepted as the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Therefore, his life was divided into two eras, namely “Before Hijra” and “After Hijra;” in the same fashion as the use of the terms “Before Christ” and “Anno Domini.” We could explain the possessing of two horns as follows: He could have been considered as the owner of Mecca, where the sun [revelation] rises, and Medina, where – according to the expression given in the passage – the sun sets.

  • The place where the revelation sets, Medina, means the arrival, Hijra, and the creation of an Islamic state there.

  • The place where the revelation [wahy] (sun) rises means Mecca and the Covenant of Hudaybiyyah.

  • The people who were not able to understand a word means the Khyber Jews and Gog and Magog mean the Prophet and his soldiers. In addition, details of Covenant of Khyber are given in this passage.

  • Prophet Mohammed was given the revelation, “Be tied to the religion/lifestyle of Abraham who surrendered from associating others with Allah and who is not one of those people who associate others with Allah.”

  • Allah sent down/made messengers the mature persons to whom He gave His revelations prior to Mohammed. The people with no sufficient knowledge about this issue must ask it to those who are knowledgeable regarding Admonition/Companies of the Scripture/Wahy and study the history of religions.

  • Allah did not make His messengers into carcasses that do not eat any food. They did not eternally exist /immortal.

  • Allah has sent His messenger Mohammed, only as a grace /for a grace for the worlds.

  • It was revealed to Allah’s messenger Mohammed: ‘Your god is only one god.’ Everyone must certainly be Muslim.

  • Those deniers of the truth say, ‘There is madness in the person who claims to be a prophet.’ Otherwise, messengers brought the truth to them. Many of them are the persons who do not like the truth.

  • And had the Truth complied with their desires; the Heavens, the Earth and everyone living on them would have been ruined. Actually, Allah would have brought their glory/admonition; then they are the ones who turn away from their own glory/admonition.

  • So I swear by all the things that one can see and cannot see are witness that the Qur’an is surely the words of a noble messenger. And it is not the words of a poet. –How little you believe!- And it is not the words of an oracle. –How little you think/take the admonition! – The Qur’an has been revealed by Rabb of all worlds. Had the Messenger/Muhammad fabricated some words in the name of Allah, Allah would certainly have stripped him off all his authority. Then He would have cut his aorta. None of the humans could have protected him from Him.

  • Mohammed is only a messenger. There have surely been messengers before him.

  • Mohammed begets no children from among the believers. However, he is the last messenger and prophet of Allah. And Allah is the Most Knowing of all things.

  • Allah has sent/appointed His messenger Mohammed as a witness, a harbinger of good tidings, a warner, an inviter to Allah by His consent/will and a lantern that illuminates.
  • But Allah bears witness to that which He has revealed to His messenger Mohammed–He has revealed it with His knowledge-. And all the Ayat bear witness to it as well. And Allah is sufficient as witness.

  • The messengers before the Prophet were ridiculed too. Allah gave respite to people who cover up/do not believe in the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb. Then He caught them; they would experience Allah’s wrath now!

  • Allah sent down prophets prior to His messenger Mohammed too. He gave them wives and descendants [sons and daughters]. No prophet can bring evidence/sign without Allah’s consent/knowledge. There is something written for every period end.

  • Allah sent the righteous religion in order to render it supreme over all the religions, with His messengers, the guidebook of the true path, the Qur’an, and righteous religion. Allah is enough as a witness.
  • Mohammed is Allah’s messenger.

  • A messenger came to humans from their own population, who felt their problems, was very fond of them, very compassionate toward the believers providing them with conveniences, and was fairly merciful.

  • For those who hesitate despite these explanations and the extended hands of compassion, following message was sent:

Should they turn away despite this, say: “Allah is sufficient for me. There is no god but Him. I rely only unto Him for my affairs. He is Rabb of the Great Throne.”

  • When the Prophet’s task had ended, Our Rabb gave him the following task:

When the help of Allah and the conquest come and when you see the mankind covert to the religion of Allah in groups, immediately exonerate Him from all deficiencies with praise to your Rabb and ask Him for forgiveness. Surely, He is the Ever-Accepting of repentances and Giving chance to repent.

  • Those who are in the position that they are retired ones having left their jobs must exonerate Allah from all kinds of deficiencies and must ask for mercy from Him.


Messengers’ duty

  • Messengers do not use force in warning their societies. Allah granted humans the freedom of belief and deed. Messengers give information only. And whoever wishes, he/she can receive the knowledge, the admonition.

  • None of those messengers might have brought evidence/a sign without the consent/knowledge of Allah. And when the will of Allah arrives, it will be fulfilled with the Truth. The superstitious will lose and suffer upon this.

  • A messenger is not the one to arrange all creatures upon them pursuant to a schedule and maintain, support and implement that schedule.

  • No one can make accept religion by force; whoever wishes to stay away from these many verses, they must be allowed to do so. Messengers were not sent as watchmen over them. Their only task is to communicate the messages.

  • Allah sends messengers only as harbingers of good tidings and warners. Those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb struggle to eliminate/invalidate the Truth with superstition. And they have ridiculed Allah’s Ayat and that with which they have been threatened.

  • On the messengers, there is no assignment other than a clear communication of the messages.

  • Messengers carry out their duties as messengers without receiving anything in return. All the messengers did the same and did not demand any fee. The price that messengers ask from humans is for their own; their proximity to Allah. Messenger’s reward belongs only to Allah. And He is the witness of everything.

  • Prophets were given orders to be the first of the Muslims.

  • Messengers do not receive fees from anyone in return of the things they communicated: the Qur’an is only an admonition for worlds.

  • Messengers have not been appointed as a supervisor upon humans, and they are not the one to set all matters upon them according to a schedule and to maintain, support and implement that schedule!

(Those who undertake the mission of being a messenger must carry out their assignments without receiving any fee.)

  • Surely, messengers invite humans to a straight path. Those who do not believe in the Akhirat [Afterlife] are surely transgressors.

  • Messengers are humans like the other individuals.

  • The fact that there is only one God was revealed to the messengers. Hence, those who expect to meet their Rabb must conduct good actions and must associate no one with their Rabb in their serving to god.

  • Allah has sent all the messengers as the harbinger of the good tidings of the truth and as warning advisories. Messengers cannot be held responsible for the persons who will enter Jahannah (Hell).

  • Allah sent each messenger so they might be obeyed by the will/knowledge of Allah.

  • The assignment of a messenger is to communicate only whether they see the result of their communication or not. It is Allah’s deed to reckon.
  • Messengers are only obvious/disclosing and explaining warners for humans only.
  • Allah has sent the messengers as the Bringer of Good Tidings and as the Warners. Whoever believes and becomes righteous, no fear will be for him/her. And they shall not grieve. But punishment will seize those who deny Allah’s Ayat for they have gone astray from the righteous path.

  • Allah summarized his task by saying to his messenger, “O Messenger! Declare that which has been revealed to you by your Rabb. If you fail to do that, then you have not fulfilled the duty of messenger assigned upon you by Him. And Allah will protect you from the people. Surely, Allah will not guide those who consciously deny His Divinity and the fact that He is Rabb.” The believers knowing the Qur’an are now under the same responsibility.
  • What the messenger is to do is to declare only.
  • Messengers perform only what is revealed to them; they do not make additions, exclusions; they cannot. They cannot enact the rules of haram and halal.


Information about the Qiyamat [Resurrection]

  • And on the day when the Sur [Horn] will be blown, whoever in the Heavens and on the Earth will be terrified, except for those who are chosen by Allah. And they all will come to Him, disgraced.

  • The mountains are seen; they think that they are fixed and solid. But they walk as the passing of clouds being a creation of Allah, Who makes everything solid.

  • Allah created the Heavens, the Earth and all that lies between with the truth and that the Qiyamat [Resurrection] [the Day of Resurrection] will surely come.

  • Lost and suffered were the people who had denied meeting Allah. When the Qiyamat [Resurrection] comes, they shall say, bearing their sins upon their backs: “O woe to us for we sinned in the world!” –Behold! How evil is their burden/sins!-

  • The Qiyamat [Resurrection] promised to humans will surely come. And humans may not prevent this.

  • Those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: “The Hour of Doomsday will not come upon us.” Indeed it will come upon you. I swear by my Rabb Who knows the unseen, the unheard, the unfelt, the past and the future that it will come upon you to recompense those who believe and do good deeds.”

  • On this day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], no one will be able to benefit or harm each other.

  • On this day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], to those who associate Allah with others, these will be said: “Enjoy what you deserve for your deeds!”

  • Surely, the Day of Judgment is the meeting place/predetermined meeting date for them. On that day, no one will avail to his/her relatives, except for those upon whom Allah cast His mercy. And they shall not be helped either. Surely, Allah is the most Glorious, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the Invincible/the Subduer, the Possessor of Vast Mercy.

  • A person who is safe on the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] is better than the person who tries to safeguard himself from the badness of the wrath.

  • And the Sur [Horn] will be blown, then whoever in the Heavens and on the Earth, except for those Allah wishes to be excluded, will be struck and fall dead. Then the Sur [Horn] will be blown for the second time and all they shall resurrect and look at it.

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], the Earth will be illuminated with the light of Allah, the Scripture will be revealed, prophets and witnesses shall be sent and the judgment will be decreed among them with the Truth. And they shall not be treated unjustly. Allah will fully recompense everyone for their deeds. And Allah is the Most Knowing of what they do.

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], all the powers in the universe promote Allah; they promote Him perfectly as well as they praise Him. On that day, awarding and punishing will be realized among them in terms of righteousness. And, it is said, “Endless praises be with Allah, the Rabb of the Worlds.” On that Day of Meeting, they shall be gathered and nothing about them will be kept secret from Allah. –‘To whom belongs the dominion?’, ‘To Allah, the One and the Only, the Agonizing!’–

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], everyone will receive what he/she has earned. – On that day, there will not be a thing called injustice. Allah is the One reckoning fast.-

  • The Qiyamat [Resurrection] moment will sure come. There is no doubt for this. But most of humans do not believe this.

  • Knowledge of the Hour is only with Allah. No fruit would sprout and no female would become pregnant and give birth or have miscarriage without His knowledge. And on the day Allah asks them: “Where are My partners?” They shall say: “We hereby declare to You that there is no witness among us.” Those which they used to worship will leave them and parish. They shall comprehend that there is nowhere for them to flee.

  • The time of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] breaking out is very near. But the timing of this was advised to no one.

  • And those who do wrong by associating others with Allah due to their earnings; who act against their own good awe; and fear when they are revealed the Truth. Those who believe and do good deeds, on the other hand, shall be in the Gardens of Eden. What they desire is with their Rabb. This is the great reward. This is the good tidings that Allah has given to His believing servants who do good deeds.

  • The moment of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] will be fast as the blink of an eye or it is closer than that. Surely Allah is capable of doing everything.

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], everyone will come struggling for his/her own soul and all will be recompensed fully for what they have done. They shall not be treated unjustly.

  • No one must think that Allah is unaware of the deeds of those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah! But He postpones His punishment until the day when they shall run with their heads up and when their eyes will pop out. Their sight will not come back to them and their hearts will be empty.

  • On the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], the Earth will be replaced with another earth and the Heavens as well so Allah to recompense each and every soul for what they have earned. And they shall emerge for Allah, the One and the Only and the Prevailing. On that day, the sinners will be in shackles. Shirts of pitch will they wear and their faces will be covered with fire. Surely, Allah is swift in accounting.

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], the sky will rock and the mountains will move. Hence; woe to those who are involved with worthless things on that day!

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], the deniers shall be thrown into the Fire of Jahannah [Hell]. –This is the Fire you have been denying! Then, is it sorcery too? Or, do you not see? Lean over it! Whether you have patience or not does not make a difference for you now. You will be recompensed for what you did!-

  • And on the day when the Qiyamat [Resurrection] will occur, the sinners will swear that they had lived in the Earth no more than an hour. Thus they were being returned. And those who have been given the knowledge will say: “Surely, by the decree of Allah, you have stayed until the Day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection]. This is the Day of resurrection after death. But you did not know.”

  • On that day, excuses of those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah will not avail them. And they shall not be forgiven as well.

  • People ask about the moment of the Qiyamat [Resurrection]. “Information thereof is only with Allah so He may punish infidel men and women, those men and women who associate others with Allah; and so He may accept the repentance of believing men and women. “

  • Only Allah knows the moment of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] for sure. No one but Him can reveal. The knowledge of it is heavy in the Heavens and the Earth/it is unknown. It will come upon people suddenly.

  • And who knows; the moment of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] is closer. And Allah is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful.
  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], relatives and children will never provide benefits to humans. Allah will separate them. And Allah is the best seer of what was done.
  • The Heavens will split open and become a rose like olive oil. Is it possible to deny this?
  • The moment of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] is a severe event. On the day when it will be seen, every nursing woman will quit nursing. And every pregnant woman will deliver her burden. And people will be seen intoxicated while they are not. That is because severe is the wrath of Allah.

  • And those who blaspheme; consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb shall keep doubting the Qur’an until the moment of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] or the wrath of a barren [unavailing, infertile] day will come to them.


  • On that day, dominion will belong to Allah. He will judge among them. And those who believe and do good deeds shall be in the gardens of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise].

  • And there will be a single scream. And then they shall be “ready” in Allah’s presence. So no one will be treated unjustly today. And humans will be punished or rewarded only for what they do.

  • Truly, the Companions of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] will rejoice today.

  • They shall relax on their seats, under shadows, with their escorts. Only for them will be the fruits. They shall have all they wish. “Peace” will be the word from Rabb, the Most Merciful.

  • As a guide and mercy, there was the Scripture of Moses before the Qur’an. This is the Scripture in Arabic/with the most perfect narration style that has been revealed to warn those who do wrong by associating others with Allah; who act against their own good and to give good tidings to those who do good deeds.

  • By those which scatter dust, haul the weight in their wake, then flow easily and then distribute a command that what you have been threatened is indeed true. Surely, Religion [recompense of what have been done] will be fulfilled as well.

  • Our Rabb draws attention to the natural cycle of water. Vaporization from seas, lakes, rivers and all bodies of water from the smallest to the largest that occurs due to heat and also particles swept from the land by winds are made rain clouds that weight millions of tons then returned to the Earth, being allocated to different places. And barren soil is revived with these returned waters. The “reviving effect” of the rain on the withered nature is one of the most significant evidences that the mankind may also be resurrected (Ar-Rum/46-50; Fussilat/39; Fatir/9; Al-Baqara/164; Al-A’raf/57; Al-Hijr/22-23).

  • The biggest evidence of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], its live evidence is what is experienced by a person at the time of dying; his/her demise is struggle or happiness. It must be read and learned from the Surah of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] in details.


  • Meccan polytheists wondered when a Warner emerged from among them; and those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: “This is an amazing thing!” We will resurrect when we die and become soil? This is an amazing thing.

  • If people conduct a search, they will see that nothing is lost on earth; if they study the sky above them, they will closely see how Allah built and ornamented it without any split or defect.

  • Nothing on earth and in Heavens was created in vain. When studied, careful eyes will understand the fact that everything and every living being in the universe were created for a purpose. These are all the evidences of the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.

  • Allah spread the earth and set mountains thereon, standing firm, to open the hearts of all those who turn towards Allah and an admonition for them to follow. There He produced plants of every kind, which are pleasant to look at and fascinating, in couples, He rained down fertile water from the heavens. With that water He grew gardens and grains to harvest, He produced date trees, large and tall and one upon other, as sustenance for all votaries of Allah. And He revived a dead region with that water. Those who observe this admit that the resurrection is this way.

  • As Allah did not exhibit inability in the first creation, He would sure do the second creation; there is nothing in this to be doubtful.

  • History must be studied; those who lived previously must be learned. He manipulated, devastated many generations who were more powerful. So powerful that they used to run through lands, destroying. It is inevitable to return to Allah.

  • Truly, the stupor of the death brings the truth with it: It will be said, “O man! This is that which you try to avoid.”-

  • And the Horn [the Sur; the Horn that will be blown by Israfil] will be blown and the Qiyamat [Resurrection] will break. –“This is the day you have been fearing,” would be said- And every soul will come forth, along with a driver, Iblis (competence of thinking) and a witness. And following scenes will be experienced:

And his companion who is his contemporary also/Iblis [the Devil/the Satan] will say: “Here, the one who stands by me is ready.”

-“Here, Iblis and the witness; throw all those who are stubborn, infidel; who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb, who make their best to prevent the good, who do injustice to themselves and who are in doubt! Then he adopted another deity along with Allah. Here, you two, throw him in severe agony!”-

And his companion who is his contemporary also/Iblis [the Devil/the Satan] will say: “O our Rabb! I did not make him transgress. But he was in excessive perversion.”

And Allah will say: “Do not quarrel before me! I sent you My warning before. The Word may not be changed before me. And I do not do wrong to my subordinates; diminish their good deeds; behave them unjustly.”

Allah will ask Jahannah [Hell]: Are you filled full?” He will ask back: “Is there any more?”

  • A person must take the Akhirat [Afterlife] and the day of exclusion and resurrection into account because only Allah gives us life and takes it from us. The return will certainly be to Him.

  • Stubborn deniers must not be taken very seriously. On that day, on which the Caller will gather them for an unknown/strange thing, they shall run out of their graves, with humbled look, running fast towards that Caller. As if they are locusts scattered. Those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will say: “This surely is a hard day.”

  • Some said, “Shall we be resurrected with a new creation when we become a pile of bones and crumbled into dust?” They must know that no matter if they are stone or iron, or any other creature that grows within their hearts, they will surely resurrect.

  • Some are saying “Who will make us return?” They must now that they will be made return by what created them for the first time.

  • Some may shake their heads and say, “When is this Qiyamat [Resurrection], resurrection?” They must know that it will take place soon. When the invitation comes, they will praise Allah and comply with His call and think that they have remained very little.

  • Reality of the Akhirat [Afterlife] can be demonstrated who do not believe in it scientifically; the Companions of Al-Raqim (those who have been carrying memory cells from the past) can be made speak by the Companions of Al-Kahf (laboratory experts) by using the method of hypnosis to decipher the past. It can then be understood that no one is, kept waiting, and will be joined later on.

  • Once Abraham said: “O my Rabb [Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer]! Show me how You resurrect the dead!” Allah said: “Do you not believe?” Abraham said: “I do, but I ask for it so my heart may be free of doubt.” Allah said: “Then take four birds and make them bound to you. Then leave a part of them on each mountain. Then gather the birds, they will hasten towards you. And be aware that Allah is the most Glorious, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the Invincible/the Subduer, the Best Law-Maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible,” to exemplify the connection between Him and creatures to Abraham.

260th verse of Baqara is actual proof that Allah can resurrect the dead. In this verse, attention is invited to the connection between Prophet Abraham and the birds while he was familiarizing them to himself and this connection was related with how Allah can resurrect the dead. Accordingly, the way that the connection that took place between Prophet Abraham and the birds ensures the birds to move under the control of Prophet Abraham and return to him, is same as the way of the connections that took place between Allah and living and lifeless beings ensure that everything return to Allah, and it is sufficient that Allah says “Be!” for this.



  • The Companions of the Righteousness are in the gardens. They ask of the sinners: “What led you into the Saqar?”

Sinners say: “We were not of those who served the Salat [Support others financially and spiritually; strive to enlighten the community], nor we did feed the poor; we did not produce opportunity for those who were determined to earn their breads. And we talked in vain with those vain-talkers. And we used to deny the Day of Recompose until the indisputable and inevitable death; the Qiyamat [Resurrection] came for us.” No intercession of the intercessors will benefit them now.

  • When people are dead and have gathered on the Judgment Day, Allah will bring out a moving and speaking creature made of earth/substance that will tell them that the people did not believe in His Ayat as they should have.

  • Guilty ones are arrested and distributed. Allah will say to them: “Did you deny My Ayat/evidence/signs even though you did not comprehend them in terms of knowledge? Or what were you doing?” Then they will not speak.

  • And on that day, everyone will be gathered. Then He will ask to those who associate others with Him: “Where are your partners to whom you believe, defying the truth?” Then throwing of them into the fire is nothing but them saying: “O our Rabb! We swear by Allah we were not among those who associated others with Him.”

  • When Deniers are upon the fire, it will be worth seeing how they shall say: “O woe to us! If we were returned to the world so we would not have denied the Ayat of our Rabb and become believers!” Quite contrary, disclosed is what they have been hiding. Had they been returned, they would have been turned to that which was forbidden for them. Yes, they are truly liars. And they said: “No other life for us than this temporary worldly life; then we will not be resurrected.”

  • Worth seeing is when they shall stand in the presence of their Rabb! Their Rabb will say to them: “Is it not true?” they shall say: We swear by our Rabb it is true.” Their Rabb will say: “Then taste My punishment for you uttered blasphemies; consciously denied the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb!”

  • Everyone will gather at their Rabb. And on the day when Allah will gather them, they shall be told: “O secret group of enemies! You indeed made such people many. Their relatives will say: “O our Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer]! We have earned from each other. And eventually we have reached the end of the respite You gave us.” Allah will say: “The fire is your final destination. You will stay there eternally unless Allah wishes otherwise.” Surely, Allah is the Best Law-Maker, the One Who Precludes Corruption the Best/the One Who Makes Incorruptible the Best.

  • Accepting this truth, the deniers will witness that they consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb by saying, “We are the witnesses against ourselves.”

  • The Qiyamat [Resurrection] shall first be an outcry. And the deniers stand opposite. And they shall say: “O woe to us! This is the Day of Religion!”

–“This is the Separation Day that you have been denying!”–

  • Those who do wrong by associating others with Allah; who act against their own good, and their spouses and those subordinates of Allah which they worship are brought together on the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection]. Then they are guided to the path of Jahannah [Hell]. And then they are stopped and they surely questioned: “What has happened to you so you do not help each other? A full surrender…

And some of them turn others/standing face to face, asking/blaming each other.

Some of them shall say: “Surely, you have been coming upon us from the right hand side/the righteous path/a good position/authority and power.”

And others will say: “Quite contrary, you were not believers. And we had no power against you. Quite contrary, you were a transgressing people. Therefore, the Word of our Rabb has been fulfilled upon you. Surely, we are the tasters. Then we provoked you for we were the provokers.”

Allah does this to sinners.

  • Deniers will taste the painful suffering and be punished only for the deeds they have done. Save for those purified servants of Allah. The purified servants of Allah are the ones for whom will be certain blessings/fruits. The ones who will be served in their Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] with abundance while sitting upon thrones facing each other. They shall be served a chalice that contains a harmless white wine filled from springs which is pleasing in its taste and does not intoxicate. Beside them will be those with large eyes staring at them. They shall be like protected eggs.

Then, some turn to others and ask.

A speaker among them asks: “Surely, I had a peer/friend who used to say, ‘Are you surely one of those who confirm? Shall we be rewarded only after we die and turn to soil and bones?’”

Other: “Do you recognize him?”

Then he recognized him and saw him in the middle of Jahannah [Hell].

He said: “I swear by Allah that you have almost manipulated/destroyed me. If not for the blessing of my Rabb, I would certainly be one of those who will be gathered. Behold how it is! Shall we never die again once we first die? Shall we not be punished?”

Surely, this is the great salvation.

From now on, those who work will work only for the salvation.

  • Those who are oppressed will say to those who act arrogantly: “If not for you, we would have believed.”

Those who act arrogantly will say to those who are oppressed: “Did we keep you from the guidance after it had been sent upon you? Quite contrary, you became sinners by yourselves.”

  • Those who are oppressed will say to those who act arrogantly: “Quite contrary, that was the plot of the night and the day! You were commanding us to believe in Allah and invent partners for Him.”

When they see the wrath they shall hide their repentance. Allah will put iron shackles unto the necks of those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb. They shall only be recompensed for what they do.

  • On the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], Allah will gather them together and say to angels: “It was them who used to worship you?” They shall say: “Be exonerated. You are our guide. Quite contrary, they used to worship hidden forces. Most of them used to believe in them.”

  • Allah will say to those who are stuck in associating: “Taste the wrath of the blazing fire which you used to deny!”

  • Those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer] will surely be transferred to Jahannah [Hell] in groups. And when they arrive there, gates of Jahannah [Hell] will open. And guards of Jahannah [Hell] will ask: “Were messengers from among you not sent to you who recited you the Ayat of your Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer] and warned you that this day would eventually come? They shall answer: “Yes they were.” But it will be too late now. They will be told, “Now proceed through the gates of Jahannah [Hell] to stay there eternally.” –How evil is the place of those who acted arrogantly!-!–

  • And those who surrender themselves under the guardianship of Allah shall be transferred to Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] in groups. And when they arrive there, gates of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] will open and the guards will say: “Peace be upon you! You have come pure!” and they shall be told: “Now enter Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] to abide there eternally!”

And they shall say: “All praise be upon Allah, Who has fulfilled His promise and made us successors of the Earth and placed us in Jannah [Heaven/Paradise].” –How good is the reward of those who worked!-

  • On the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection] Allah will say: Now call My partners whom you have been incorrectly believing.” Then they shall call them yet they shall not answer. And We will place a curtain of fire between them. And the sinners will see the fire and certainly believe that they shall be thrown into it. They shall not be able to find a place to escape either.

  • On the Qiyamat [Resurrection], Allah will bring the idols and the idolaters together and confront them:

And Allah would say, “It was you who led my servants stray from the righteous path or did they lose the way?”

And those fake idols will say:

“We hereby exonerate You from all deficiencies. It does not suit us to adopt helpers, guides and protectors from among those that are inferior to You. But You had bestowed their ancestors too much of Your blessings so they abandoned the Admonition/the Scripture and became a people that was doomed to destruction.”

Hence, the idols will deny those who worship themselves unconsciously. Now there will be no return. Allah gives a substantial wrath to those who do wrong by associating others with Allah.

An on that day, those who have been doing wrong by associating others with Allah; doing deeds against their own good, will bite their hands and say: “O woe to me! If only I had followed the Messenger’s path! O woe to me! If only I had not accepted that one as influential leader. Surely, he made me stray from the Admonition/the Scripture after it had come to me. And Satan is truly a humiliator for the man!”

And the Messenger said: “O my Rabb [Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer]! Surely, my people have taken this Qur’an as an isolated/abandoned thing.”

  • As Allah already informed us, infernal people accuse each other:

“Truly we have been transgressing. Then we assumed them at the same level with Rabb of all worlds [Al-Alemin]. And those sinners led us stray from the righteous path. Now we have no helpers, no intercessors nor a close friend or a candid assistant or a guide or a protector. O woe to us! If only we had a way to return to past and become one of those believers!”

  • Persons who associate others with Allah must think:

If Allah’s wrath come to them suddenly and explicitly, what other society than those who did a wrong thing by associating others with Allah will be manipulated/destructed?

  • Surely, those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb shall be called: “The hatred of Allah is greater than your hatred. As when you were invited to the faith you cursed; you consciously denied the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.”
  • And the infidels said: “O our Rabb! You killed us twice and resurrected twice. Now that we have confessed our sins. Is there a way leading to the light?”

They will be answered as follows: “That is because: when you were invited “one and only” to Allah you blasphemed and denied but when others were associated with Him you believed. Now the judgment belongs to Allah, the Highest and the Greatest.”

  • And when the deniers shall dispute with each other in the Fire, the weak among them will say to those among them who used to act arrogantly: “Surely we followed you. Now, can you save us from the Fire?” Those who used to act arrogantly will say: “Surely we are in it persistently. Surely, Allah has made His judgment among His servants.”

  • And those in the Fire will say to the guards of Jahannah [Hell]: “Pray to your Rabb so He relieves His punishment from upon us just for a day.”

And the guards will ask: “Did your messenger not come to you with manifest evidence? They shall say: “Yes, they did.”

And the guards will say: “Then pray yourself.” In vain/out of confusion will be the invocation of those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.

  • And on the day when enemies of Allah shall be gathered, they shall be thrown into the Fire. And when they arrive there, their hearing, their sight and their skin will testify against them for what they did.

They shall say to their own skins: “Why do you testify against us?” Their skins will say to them: “Allah, the One Who makes all speak, has made us speak and He created you for the first time and now you are being returned to Him. And you were not hiding lest your hearing, sight and skins would testify against you. And you believed that Allah would not see many of your deeds. This is your faith; your assumptions about your Rabb have destroyed you, thus you have become the ones who have lost and suffered.”

  • And the persons; those who consciously denied the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: “O our Rabb! Show us those who led us stray from the righteous path, those who we know or not. So that we keep them under our feet to make them the lowest ones.”

  • Everyone will see that those who do wrong by associating others with Allah; who act against their own good when they see the wrath saying: “Is there a way for us to go back?” and that they are thrown into the Fire with their heads bend over from humiliation, staring at their surroundings at the corner of their eyes.

  • Tree of Zaqqum will be the food of those transgressing sinners. It is like melted metal; it boils within bodies like the boiling of a hot liquid.

-Take him and drag him into the blazing fire. Then pour over his head the torment of boiling water.”–

–“Taste it! Surely, you were a powerful and exalted person! Surely, this is what you have been doubted.”-No doubt, this is the thing you have kept being doubtful for.”–

  • On the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], each community with a leader will be seen kneeling. Every community with a leader will be called to their own Scripture: “Today you will be recompensed for the deeds you have done. This is your Scripture that speaks the Truth to your face. Surely, We have been recording your deeds.”

  • The persons; those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb; on the day when they shall be exposed to the Fire, it will be said: “You quenched your desires in your transitory worldly lives, enjoyed them, yet today you will be recompensed with a humiliating punishment for your arrogance on the Earth and for you have been straying from the righteous path!”

  • And on the day when Allah will move mountains; the Earth will be seen barren/flat. He will gather the deniers together. And He will not leave any of them behind. And they shall be lined before Allah: “Surely, you have come to Us as We created you first. Indeed, you have been superstitiously believing that We would not appoint a meeting for you.” And the Scripture/the book of deeds will be brought forth. It will be seen the sinners fearing it. And they shall say: “O woe to us! What kind of book is this in which everything, insignificant and significant, is recorded.” And they shall find what they brought forth before them. And our Rabb, Allah, will not treat anyone unjustly.

  • The deniers, the polytheists, all will come out for Allah. Then the weak will say to the arrogant: “Surely we followed you. Now can you save us from the Wrath of Allah?” The arrogant will answer by saying: “Had Allah guided us then we would surely have guided you. It is same for us to whine or have patience. There is nowhere for us to flee.”

And when the decision is made, Satan [Iblis/thinking ability] said to them: “Surely, Allah promised you the true promise, and I promised you too but immediately renounced. Yet I did not have authority upon you. But I invited you and you responded. Therefore, do not condemn me but condemn yourselves! I cannot save you, and you are not my saviors! Surely, I did not accept your association of me with Allah.” And when the Sur [Horn] is blown, there will be no relation between them, and no one will be able to ask others for anything. Thus, those whose scale is heavier, they shall reach the salvation. And as for those whose scale is lighter, they shall be the losers; they shall abide in Jahannah [Hell] eternally.

The fire will sear their faces while they stay there grinning.

Allah shall tell them, “Weren’t My Ayat recited to you? And you denied them? They shall say: “O our Rabb! Our transgression defeated us and we became a people in perversion. O our Rabb! Let us out of here. Should we do the same things again, then we will be the ones who do wrong; who act against their own good.”Our Rabb! Allah will say then: “Remain there quailed! And do not talk to me. Surely, a group from among my servants said: “O our Rabb! We have believed; now forgive us, show Your mercy upon us, You are the Best of the merciful.” And you mocked them; and they ultimately made you forget/abandon remembering Me/My admonition. And you laughed at them. Surely, on this day, I will reward them for their patience; they are the successful ones.”

Allah will also tell them: “How many years have you lived on earth?”

They shall say: “One day or a fraction of a day we have lived there. Ask those who count.”Allah will say: “You have lived there for a very short time; if only you knew!”

  • If you could see the sinners before their Rabb with their heads bent, saying: “O our Rabb! We have seen and listened, now send us back so we may do good deeds, we surely are believers now”!

  • And as for the transgressors; their final destination will be the Fire. Every time they try to escape, they shall be returned into it and they shall be told: “Taste the wrath of the Fire you used to deny.” Without a doubt, We will soon make them taste a portion of the great punishment so they may return.

  • On the day of the Qiyamat [Resurrection], on that day, the believing men and the believing women will be seen running with their lights in their hands and on their right. –On that day, the good tidings for you are the gardens of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] underneath of which rivers flow and in which you shall abide eternally. This is the great salvation itself!-

On that day, the infidel men and the infidel women shall say to the believers: “Look at us so we may acquire from your light!” It will be said: “Turn behind and seek for the light!” Then, a gated wall, which contains mercy within and torment outside, will be set between them.

They will call to them: “Were we not with you?” The believers will say: “Yes but you threw your lives into the fire, observed, doubted and your delusions deceived you. And then command of Allah came. And that Deceiver deceived you with Allah. On this day no compensation will be accepted from you or the infidels; those who consciously deny the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb. And your final destination will be the fire. It is that which you deserve. How an evil destination it is!”


  • On the day He will gather the messengers, Allah will say: “What is the answer that was given to you?” They will say: “We have no knowledge thereof whatsoever; surely, You are the One Who is the Most Knowing of the unseen, the unheard, the unfelt, the past and the future.”

This issue was embodied by Allah on witnessing of Prophet Christ:

When Allah said: “O Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My blessing upon you and your mother! When I strengthened you with the Wahy [Revelation] of Allah. You were talking to the people as a man at a higher rank and an adult man. When I taught you the Scripture, the laws, rules and principles that were stipulated to prevent injustice, mischief and chaos, the Torah and the Bible.

When you made an object [thurible] from mud; clay [ceramic] that looked like a bird by My will/knowledge. Then you blew into it; forming aerosol, and they [pests that spread; transmit disease] became birds by My will/knowledge. You healed those who were born blind and the leper by My will/knowledge. And, again by My will/knowledge, you exhumed/resurrected social dead. And when you came to Israelites with manifest evidence and those who disbelieve the Divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer] among them said: “This is blatant sorcery”, I protected you from them.

And when I revealed to the Apostles: “Believe in Me and My Messenger.” And they said: “We have believed!” and “So bear witness that we are Muslims indeed.”

And when Allah said: “O Jesus, son of Mary! Was it you who told people: ‘Adopt me and my mother as two gods from among the subordinates of Allah’?” Jesus said: “Exonerated are You, it is not suitable for me to speak the untruth. Had I said that, You would have surely known about it. You know what is within my heart, but I do not know what is in You. Surely, You are the One Who knows the unseen, the unheard, the unfelt, the past and the future! I only said to them what You had commanded me; ‘Worship Allah, my Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer] and your Rabb [the Lord, the Cherisher, the Nurturer, the Sustainer]’. And as long as I was among them, I was a witness over them. But when you took my life; reminded me that which I had done in the past and what I had failed to do while being obliged to, then You became the One Who observes them. And surely, You are the Witness over all things. Should You punish them, they are surely Your servants and should You forgive them, surely You are the most Glorious, the Almighty, the Most Exalted, the Invincible/the Subduer, the Best Law-Maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible.”

Allah said: “This is the day when righteousness will avail the righteous. For them will be the gardens of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise], underneath of which rivers flow.” Allah will be pleased with them and they shall be pleased with Him. This is the greatest salvation.

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